About Tony

Tony is a  business and management professional with 30 years industry experience. He is married with two teenage children who constantly broaden his knowledge of music, fashion, hairstyles and what’s “cool”. Born in the city of Sydney, he spent most of his younger years in the sleepy North Coast fishing town of Yamba where he was always either on a surfboard, in a boat or holding a fishing rod. Tony is a keen musician and played lead guitar in performing bands during the 1980’s. He is also an avid sports fan and played rugby league, volleyball and basketball. He was also a junior life-saver (Yamba Nippers), high school athletic and cross-country champion and earned a black belt in karate.

Tony began his working career as an apprentice electrician where after four years he earned an “A” class electrical fitter/mechanics licence. He spent a number of years working for large electrical contractors in leadership roles and project managing major commercial and industrial construction sites around Sydney. During this time Tony completed an Associate Diploma in Electrical Engineering and numerous other industry specific courses which built on his knowledge, expertise and credibility with his peers.

Around 1990, Tony launched an electrical contracting business which he ran successfully for twelve years  employing many  electricians and subcontractors. The company engaged in domestic, commercial and industrial projects ranging in value from $300k to $1.5mil. Running a small business gave Tony unique all-round skills due to the requirement to fill many different business functions. Most valuable of all was his strong work ethic, discipline and leadeship ability.

Due to many changes within the electrical industry, over regulation, increasing risk and shrinking profits,  Tony made the decision that the economics of the business were no longer attractive and decided to slowly wind the business down. Seeking a new challenge and realising that his all-round skills and experience were valuable to employers, Tony then entered the corporate world in business development and operations roles, quickly gaining senior management and leadership positions. Tony has always been a very flexible, adaptable and goal driven person, and it was during this time that he decided to pursue post-graduate qualifications of Masters in Business Administration  (MBA) to formally underpin the raw experience he had built over the years.

Tony is  a lateral, creative thinker who will always push the boundaries for the sake of progression. You will normally find him taking the road less travelled and supporting points of view which are yet to catch on. He loathes office politics, group think, gossip, finger-pointing, lazy and dishonest people. Tony has a deep respect for genuine people who have earned their success through hard work, discipline, failure, pain, integrity, ethics, ability, intelligence and belief. He has a saying, “there is no success unless it is ethical success”!

Tony’s goal with this blog is to add to the business and leadership knowledge pool. If one phrase, one sentence or one word helps someone then he has achieved his purpose.

Tony Grima (MBA)